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Yellow jacket wasp removal in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

HONOLULU (KHON2) — When you travel to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you probably look forward to seeing the volcano’s crater, greenery, hiking trails, and native plants and animals.

One thing you probably won’t be thrilled to see are the yellow jackets that can make any trip a buzzkill.

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According to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, there are currently large numbers of non-native yellowjackets around Kūpinaʻi Pali along Crater Rim Trail.

Park staff and teachers work to remove non-native species to help reduce wasp stings and public concern.

The park asks the public if they see these invasive species or are stung to stay calm, alert others, and not disturb their nest.

Allergic reactions can occur after being stung by a yellow jacket wasp, especially if you get stung multiple times.

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For those allergic to these types of insects, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park asks its visitors to be prepared by bringing allergy medication and to report bites and nests immediately to a park ranger.