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‘When Calls the Heart’ Creator Writes Letter to Fans Who Aren’t Supporting Elizabeth and Lucas

Hearties, it’s officially time to open your heart.

At the very end of the Season 8 finale, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) finally decided that Lucas (Chris McNally) calls his heart. At first, Hearties were thrilled that the love triangle was finally behind them — then reality set in. In the days that followed, many fans expressed their frustration on social media, even threatening to stop watching. When the heart calls you quite since Nathan (Kevin McGarry) is out of the picture. (FYI, it isn’t.)

It didn’t take long for the show’s cast and writers to step in. Chris was one of the first cast members to respond to the pushback, saying he will be missed by the Hearties who choose to stop watching, but that’s “I can’t wait to shoot it for those who will.” Paul Greenwho plays Carson, shared a similar message on Twitter“As always, stay open and kind as I know you [sic] it’s all in your hearts,” he wrote. Then there was the show’s creator and executive producer Brian BirdWHO reassured fans that everyone – Erin, Chris and Kevin included – agrees that “it was the right and best choice for the future of the show”.

Erin Krakow recently shared that Season 9 will show Elizabeth and Lucas “exploring and enjoying their relationship.”

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The animosity died down during the show’s hiatus, but as expected, it picked up again just before the Season 9 premiere. In light of this, the creator of the show posted a letter to all Hearties – those who are happy for Lucas and Elizabeth, as well as those who are not. “We’ve all encountered many challenges over the years – twists and turns both on the show and in real life, and we haven’t always agreed on everything, but I think this is the right one. time for a reset. Do-it-done,” he wrote on Twitter.

That said, he asked Hearties to redirect their passion for last season’s drama into the excitement of what’s to come. “What I know from the real Hearties community is that you believe in being okay with disagreeing without being disagreeable,” He continued.

Read the full letter:

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Dozens of fans applauded Brian for his heartfelt message. “I’ve been watching since day one, and my excitement for this season is higher than I can remember (and that’s saying something). Thank you for this show and your words. Let’s hope and pray for MANY more seasons of the best show on tv”, a loyal viewer wrote.

They might be onto something: The Season 9 premiere debuted with record scores, proving that all the online chatter isn’t enough to keep fans away from Hope Valley just yet. So how about Season 10 then?

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