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Wandering Around Washington: The return of hikers and cyclists will wake up Damascus | Local News

Jo Tennis | Washington County News

Joe Tennis

David Crigger | Washington County News

DAMASCUS, Virginia – It’s spring again!

And in the town of Many Trails in Damascus, Washington County, Virginia, that means big wheels keep turning with bike shuttles and bikes heading to the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Plus, the boot-scootin’ boogie is back on the Appalachian Trail.

Brad Wann is ready for anything. He spent a dozen years in the outdoor industry, working at Sundog Outfitters. He also ran Abingdon Adventures for a brief stint about a year ago.

But now he’s back in Damascus and he loves it. He is the director of the new brand Damascus Outfitter, formerly known as Adventure Damascus.

And although that pop-up store in Abingdon is gone, Wann definitely sees Damascus thriving with the spring influx of hikers and cyclists.

“I feel like the whole city has gone up since 2019, for sure,” Wann said. “More people know us. It is an outdoor activity. You can be outside in the fresh air.

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Damascus sits halfway up the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail. It’s also a major stop for hikers on the 2,175-mile-long Appalachian Trail.

Look for Trail Days in Damascus in mid-May.

People have definitely turned to more outdoor activities since the coronavirus hit the United States two years ago.

Still, Wann said, “I feel like there’s even a little wellness boom going on.”