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Vancouver parking lot is one of the ‘coolest’ in the world

Parking lots are often seen as an ugly necessity of city life, but at least one Vancouver parking lot is seen as a bystander.

The Cordova Parkade in Gastown has once again been called one of the “coolest” in the world. This time it was through the BIG 7 Travel website, which covers a variety of travel topics around the world. While not usually a tourist destination, they call the 25 parking lots on their list “architectural wonders”.

“There are parking lots around the world that are breaking that mold and breaking down barriers with incredible architecture and functionality,” journalist Melanie May wrote in the article.

Cordova Park is described as a tribute to the historic district in which it is located.

“Part of the regeneration of downtown Vancouver, the building is constructed from an old department store and incorporates pieces of old Vancouver bridges into its design,” writes May.

He ranks 14 on the list; it’s the only Canadian spot on the list, but neighboring Seattle took the top spot with Sinking Ship parking in its famous Pioneer Square.

It’s not just a parking lot either. The renovated department store houses offices and a daycare center at the top. Since then he has made similar lists on several occasions, including Popular mechanic ‘list of the strangest parking lots in the world.