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Unique opportunity for Billings teens to commemorate COVID

The Downtown Billings Alliance and the Billings Metro VISTA Project have partnered with local artist Terri Porta to create a mural in memory of those lost during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This project is unique and needs young people from Billings with artistic abilities to help plan and soon paint the mural. Do you know someone who could help you?

Offer the community a space of memory.

According to New York Times551 people have died in Yellowstone County from COVID-19 since the start of 2020. Many of these families did not have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones before their deaths due to the communicable nature of the disease. illness, so having a way to remember those who have passed away is a very admirable thing to do.

Credit: AmeriCorps VISTA, Yellowstone Art Museum, Downtown Billings Alliance, Terri Porta

Credit: AmeriCorps VISTA, Yellowstone Art Museum, Downtown Billings Alliance, Terri Porta

The planning stages for the mural are due to begin at 4:00 p.m. on May 19. They are looking for local teens ages 12-18 from all artistic backgrounds and skill levels. If you are interested or know someone who is, please email [email protected] with your name, email, and phone number.

Donations for the project are also accepted.

Those interested in contributing can also donate to help fund the project. More information can be requested by emailing [email protected] or calling 406-237-6105.

This project is an incredible opportunity to shine a light on those who have tragically passed away due to COVID-19. The first meeting to plan the mural will take place inside the Education Room at the Yellowstone Museum of Art on May 19. No location or design of the mural is known at this time.

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