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Unexplored and untouched beauty of Gulmarg Kashmir


Botapathri tourist spot is a little-known dream land in the lap of the Nagin Valley, located in the famous tourist spot of Gulmarg, in the Baramulla district of northern Kashmir. Bota Pathri was opened to tourists in May 2012 by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department, which has been visited extensively by military personnel, locals as well as tourists. There was a huge influx of tourists to J&K, as the influx of tourists visiting Gulmarg caused congestion and Bota Pathri was a good place for tourists. Bota Pathri, boasts of serene natural beauty, is called Nagin Valley. virgin place. The infrastructure here is environmentally friendly, eco-sensitive and is a new destination for tourists.

Bota Pathri, a unique place and a place accessible by road in Gulmarg

Botapathri, a picturesque meadow is also a good place for a picnic and remains a unique place in Gulmarg as it is the only place accessible by road here where you will find fast rivers. So, for the perfect daytime getaway, Botapathri is the place to visit with your friends and family. Bota Pathri is 10 km from Gulmarg. The route is surrounded by fascinating landscapes and forests. The road is well maintained as it is close to the LOC and the army movement. The road to the spot is surreal On the way to Botapathri you have to go through an army checkpoint near the high altitude war school and get permission to visit Botapathri as it is about a border area. This road eventually leads to Apharwat Peak and Alpather Lake although no civil movement is allowed past the second checkpoint, this place had been closed to visitors for a period of 22 years for tourism from 1990 to 2012, because it was only 5 kilometers from the line of control and was reopened to tourism in May 2012.

Horse riding, Tea stands and dokas

Horseback riding is also famous in Bota Pathri and is the livelihood of the people. There are some “gujjar-dokas” and also a shrine nestled in the heart of the Botapathri grasslands and around the place are also a few tea and maggi stalls.

Road, station and airport

If you want to visit Bota Pathri by road from Srinagar which is the summer capital, the distance is 47km to reach Gulmarg first, then you travel more than 10km to reach Bota Pathri and 2 hour taxi ride . The nearest airport to Gulmarg is Srinagar International Airport and the nearest train station is SERNDANUR (SXR). Located in the Baramulla district of northern Kashmir, Gulmarg is a world famous tourist destination in all weather.