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These are the best places to hike in Kingsport | Features

It’s time to start tying your hiking boots! Before you go too far, make sure you know where the best places to hike in Kingsport are. Here’s a handy ranking of the best places to hike in Kingsport.

5. Although not a real hiking spot, the Greenbelt is a fantastic place to enjoy beautiful days. The path is very animal friendly and is an easy walk compared to other places. This makes for a pleasant walk on calm days.

4. This wouldn’t be a list of hikes without Warriors Path State Park‘s Devil’s Backbone and Fall Creek Loop. The trail is well marked and still enjoyable on the hottest days. The 3.3 mile trail can be steep at times, but the beautiful views make the hike unforgettable.

3. For people with more adventure in their hearts, the Warriors Path Loop might be for you. This nearly 9 mile trail covers all walkable and passable trails in Warriors. It’s a wonderfully long path that never feels too full. The Warriors Path loop offers all the fun of long hikes without ever being too far from humanity.

2. The Bays Mountain Trail Loop is my favorite hiking trail. The trail can be difficult at times, clocking in at 5.8 miles. It makes for a wonderful walk around the lake and deeper into the woods. The best time to come is during dry fall days as the leaves are changing.

1. The best trail is the Bays Mountain Fire Tower Trail. The walk is more difficult, but worth it. It has a breathtaking view once at the top, and the hike there is full of life. This trail is one you can do over and over without feeling overdone or boring.

There! Five of the best places inside Kingsport to hike. Before you go, be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks. Have fun and happy hiking!