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The beta version of the Jenny Lake Explorer app is now available to the public

For a fun and educational digital experience, the Jenny Lake Explorer app is now available to the public, Grand Teton National Park / National Park Service

Grand Teton National Park Foundation and Grand Téton National Park are happy to share the launch of the public beta of the Jenny Lake Explorer app, developed and published by the Grand Teton National Park Foundation and coming soon to app stores. When a young (or young at heart) visitor explores the Jenny Lake area, there are several interactive activities that can be performed on a smartphone or tablet app. The experiences are integrated with the on-site exhibits, the discovery trail, and the lake views.

This modern digital extension of educational exhibits at Jenny Lake was made possible by the Grand Teton National Park Foundation through a generous $ 250,000 grant from AT&T. The donation was part of the Jenny Lake Renewal Project, a multi-million dollar public-private partnership that renewed the park’s most popular destination.

The Grand Teton National Park Foundation worked with the National Park Service, University of Maryland KidsTeam, Teton County Recreation District, and Grand Teton National Park to host a two-day discovery workshop. Children, researchers, rangers and technologists worked together to develop ideas for the application on site at Jenny Lake. The result is a fun and engaging digital experience that drives users around Jenny Lake while encountering wildlife in virtual reality, building mountain ranges, and even reaching the summit of Grand Teton.

“We look forward to young visitors connecting to Jenny Lake in a meaningful and memorable way through this modern digital app,” said Lelie Mattson, President of the Grand Teton National Park Foundation. “We are grateful for AT&T’s generous support to help make this vision a reality. “

“The Jenny Lake Explorer app has been an extraordinary collaboration between the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, Grand Teton National Park and AT&T to bring information directly within the reach of millions of visitors to this unique and beautiful place,” said Guillermo Lambarri, State Director of Wyoming, AT&T. “AT&T is proud to contribute to this innovative approach to exploration.

“Grand Teton looks forward to welcoming and engaging youth as the next generation of park stewards with the new Jenny Lake Explorer app. This app will add a whole new dimension to their park experience and create meaningful connections to Grand Teton and its precious resources, ”said Chip Jenkins, Superintendent of Grand Teton National Park.

For the link to download the public beta version of the Jenny Lake Explorer app before your visit to Grand Teton, click here.

The Grand Teton National Park Foundation is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to fund projects that protect and enhance the precious resources of Grand Teton National Park. The Foundation initiates improvements, critical research and projects that improve visitor experiences, creating a strong future for Grand Teton. Since 1997, the organization has raised more than $ 88 million for learning and work programs that connect youth with nature, preserve cultural resources, protect wildlife and natural resources, and capital projects. such as the construction of the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center, a million dollar campaign to preserve the 640-acre Antelope Flats plot, the Inspiring Journeys campaign for Jenny Lake and the purchase and protection of the last private acre of the historic district of Mormon Row.