Tourist Spot

Retired jet perched on Bali’s cliff to attract tourists

A RETIRED Boeing airliner has been flown to the top of a seaside cliff in Bali to lure tourists to the Indonesian holiday island.

More than a dozen workers used cranes to assemble parts for a Boeing 737 on a cliff near Nyang Nyang Beach this week.

Felix Demin, the new owner of the plane, plans to convert the plane into tourist accommodation and expects it to become a popular photography spot.

Demin said he hopes the attraction will help revive the tourism sector, which has been hit hard since Indonesia’s borders were closed to international tourists in 2019 due to the pandemic.

The Russian entrepreneur and Bali resident said the dismantled plane was about to be sold as scrap to China when he bought it.

It took a week to transport the parts of the plane to the cliff after getting the necessary access clearances, he added.

Demin said the project offered hope for a revival of tourism in Bali, but some social media users expressed concern that it would spoil the sea view.

Authorities in Bali relaxed some restrictions this week after the island saw a wave of new infections and deaths from Covid-19 in July and August.

Bali was attracting millions of foreign visitors every year and is implementing an aggressive vaccination plan in an attempt to revive tourism, which is critical to its economy.

No date has been confirmed by the Indonesian authorities for a possible reopening of the country’s borders to tourists. – AFP