Republicans attack $ 2 billion price tag for Biden’s infrastructure plan

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George P. Bush applauds ousting Liz Cheney, says she is ‘not defending conservative Republican ideology’

George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner and son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (right), applauded House Republicans on Wednesday for ousting Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) From her post of House GOP leader # 3. Bush tweeted that “we need leaders in Congress who defend conservative Republican ideology, and Liz Cheney is not that leader,” on a quote in which he says Cheney should “rule [sic] pull “down on Biden, not” on the president, “presumably referring to former President Donald Trump. Republicans deserve leadership that represents the views of their constituents, not their own personal blood feuds. We need leaders Congressmen who defend conservative Republican ideology, and Liz Cheney is not that leader. – George P. Bush (@georgepbush) May 12, 2021 Bush, 45, has broken with the rest of his family in supporting Trump, but the Bushes also have a long and friendly history with the Cheney family, who “have deep ties to Texas,” the Texas Tribune notes. “Former Vice President Dick Cheney, father of Liz Cheney, lived in Dallas between her tenure as Secretary of Defense to President George HW Bush and as Vice President to President George W. Bush. At that time, he was CEO of Halliburton, an oilfield services company. “Prior to the insurgency, Cheney was considered one of the GOP’s fastest rising stars and among the toughest hard-line conservatives – especially on foreign policy,” the Tribune reports. at the State Department and as a Fox News contributor, “before easily winning her House seat in 2016. Cheney now says she’s playing a long game to wrest her party from the grip of” destructive lies. ” of Trump .– Loop of a declining fertility rate