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Reopening of eruption trails, hiking with dogs

Posted August 18, 2022

The Meradalir eruption trails, which were closed yesterday due to a yellow weather warning, reopened to visitors this morning, RÚV reports.

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Police arrested anyone trying to get to the eruption yesterday. According to RÚV, everyone respected the closure and no one tried to sneak into the area, unlike the last closure.

Hike with dogs to the eruption

Matvælastofnun, the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, warns hikers not to take their pets with them to the site of the eruption, as the stimuli can be stressful for dogs.

Additionally, rainwater in the area contains pollutants that can be harmful to dogs if ingested when drinking groundwater or licking their paws.

To ensure the safety of pets if people choose to take them to the volcano, Matvælastofnun has four rules:

  • Do not allow dogs to drink from puddles or eat snow in the area. Have a bowl with drinking water and offer it as needed.
  • Try to keep dogs from licking their fur or scratching until they have been rinsed off with water after leaving the rash area.
  • Always keep dogs on a leash. Loose dogs can run in valleys where there is gas and even on lava. Loose dogs can also cause danger and discomfort to other people along the way by knocking them off balance or knocking over rocks.
  • Do not approach the lava with a dog. Dogs are considerably smaller than humans and are therefore exposed to more gas. Stay high on the slope with the wind at your back.