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Quartz Fire in Glacier National Park Expands to 1,678 Acres

WEST GLACIER – The Quartz Fire in Glacier National Park has increased from 1,163 acres to 1,678 acres.

Fire managers report that the Quartz Fire has continued to spread primarily south and west, moving further up the shore of Quartz Lake.

There has been additional growth in an elevated basin on the northwest side of Logging Mountain.

At the north end, the fire remains east and south of Quartz Creek.

Fire activity moderated in the afternoon after rain fell in the fire area.

Firefighters based at the foot of Quartz Lake have completed plumbing sprinklers at Quartz Lake Wilderness Campground.

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Crews are expected to finish protecting the structure on a walkway at the outlet of Quartz Lake on Monday.

Glacier National Park, along with interagency partners Flathead National Forest and the Blackfoot Tribe, will continue to patrol for any additional fire outbreaks following a Sunday storm.

Glacier National Park has issued a closure order for areas, campgrounds and trails within the Quartz Lake watershed from the Continental Divide to Inside North Fork Road.

This includes the Quartz Lake Loop trails that branch off just south of Bowman Lake towards Quartz Lake, as well as the Quartz Lake and Lower Quartz Lake Wilderness Campgrounds.

The fire danger rating in Glacier National Park is currently very high and campfires are only permitted in designated fire pits and should be kept small.

The Quartz Lake Fire was started by lightning on August 14 and is burning 25 miles north of West Glacier in the Quartz Lake watershed.