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Pune: Tourists not allowed to visit Bhushi Dam after 5pm – Punekar News

Lonavala, July 13, 2022: The road leading to the Bhushi dam was closed to tourists after 5 p.m. due to heavy rain, Lonavala city police inspector Sitaram Dubal informed. This will be the rule for every day of the week.

The police have set up a checkpoint at Nausena Bagh under the Lonavala Dam and tourist vehicles are being turned away from here. Tourists who have a hotel reservation next to Bhushi Dam, their vehicles will be released after checking the official receipt of the reservation. Anyone attempting to proceed in the wrong direction or congregating in a tourist location will be penalized.

It has been raining heavily in Lonavala since last week. The water flows very fast from the steps of the Bhushi dam. Visiting the dam has become dangerous. Two days ago, a tourist died after falling into a backwater at the dam. Police Inspector Dubal said the rule was authorized to prevent such accidents.

At the same time, billboards have been installed in various places to guide tourists. Strict measures are taken against rioters and drunken tourists. Penalties are also imposed on those who violate traffic rules, park vehicles on the road, obstruct traffic and drive on the wrong side.

Seeing the rain and fog in the Lonavala region, the city police called on tourists to avoid going to dangerous places.