National Park

Problem with birds flying in your windows… Try this method like Zion National Park

Everyone loves floor-to-ceiling windows, but sometimes they come at a horrific cost…the death of birds. If you have the unfortunate problem of birds constantly colliding with your windows but don’t want to obstruct your view, consider applying UV decals that contain a special component that brilliantly reflects ultraviolet light that is visible to birds. but undetectable to the human eye. Zion National Park has been retrofitting its windows with the decals since 2020 and has seen great success. Here’s what park biologist Adam Reimer has to say about the effort:

“Birds’ eyes don’t work like ours. Plus, they can’t read structural cues like door frames or decks that we take for granted to pay attention to glass. What they see is a reflection of their natural habitat in the window. It is part of our mission to protect the birds in the park, and many visitors enjoy seeing them. That’s why we use new technology that makes it easier for birds to see the glass before they hit it. –Zion National Park Biologist, Adam Reimer
Zion National Park plans to stay on the offensive until they have addressed all windows in the park and we suggest you be proactive as well. Don’t wait until you hear another sickening noise at your window and start exploring UV window sticker options HERE.