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Photos, video of the bamboo forest in Kyoto

There are a lot of forests in the United States, but in Japan bamboo forests have become one of the biggest tourist attractions.

KYOTO, Japan – Most of the events of the Summer Olympics are in Tokyo, but south of the bustling city, near historic Kyoto, is another place that tourists like Chantal Marauta must see.

“It’s as beautiful and iconic as expected,” said Marauta.

She talks about the 4000 acre Sagano bamboo forest. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Japan, and there is a reason for it.

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There is a main path through the center of the forest, where tourists walk under tall bamboo stems that stretch skyward.

See what it looks like below:

Hundreds of types of bamboo that grow in Japan are mixed with the forest, with around 600 different varieties.

Some are small and some are tall and can grow to several feet per day. In a month, some bamboos can reach over 60 feet in height.

It’s a world like no other and it creates a magical place that Marauta says is one of the most beautiful on earth.

“It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before,” she said.

And it’s certainly unlike any other forest in Colorado.

> This story is part of “Journey to Tokyo”, a series of plays presenting a preview of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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