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Official says potential increase in trailhead “doesn’t make sense”


An elected official argues that a potential increase in golf course fees “does not make sense”.

Community Development District 7 Supervisor Steve Lapp responded to news on Thursday that the Project Advisory Board and Accreditation Authority Committee were considering the possibility of increasing trail fees at golf courses. village executives.

Golf courses were battered during COVID-19 as golfers flocked to them during the lockdown. The pressure on the turf was exacerbated by the fact that four golf carts have been used by foursomes as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading.

Golf courses experienced 450,000 additional “games” during COVID-19, according to district officials.

However, Lapp countered that this only equated to an additional seven hours of starting a day and suggested the district was “blowing smoke.” He said their argument “doesn’t make sense.”

District manager Richard Baier reminded Lapp that much of the wear and tear on the courses was caused by foursomes traveling in four golf carts due to the need for social distancing during the pandemic.

Baier said there were “eight extra tires” on the courses with each group.

However, supervisor Ed Coleman rebuffed this claim. He said turf damage should be drastically reduced because, on January 1, the district cracked down on “reasonable accommodation” once given to golfers with physical limitations. The “accommodation reason” allows golfers to drive their carts near the greens and in places where other people cannot drive their carts. The crackdown has dramatically reduced the number of golf carts coming out of the cart path.

More, As of June 1, four golf carts are no longer permitted for foursomes on executive golf courses.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of CDD 7, Jerry Vicenti, wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“How much are the trail fees going to increase?” ” He asked.

This amount, and whether they will be increased, has not been determined.

District officials have repeatedly stressed that trail fees have not been increased for 15 years.