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Not Your Typical Beach Uncover the Mysteries of These 5 Most Unusual Seashores in India

Unusual beaches in India: Beaches have always been about getting those tan lines, ruminating over the sound of crashing waves, and popping a chill pill near those often-scattered coconut palms. India indeed boasts of some beautiful beaches on its coasts on both sides. We often look for the cleanest beaches, beaches with water sports, less crowded beaches, etc. But have you ever wondered how to satisfy that beach craving by heading to a unique beach in an unusual way? In the myriad of sea and sandy shores, there are few beaches shrouded in mystery.Read also – Fancy a day at the beach? Here Are India’s 5 Cleanest Beaches You Simply Can’t Resist | See the pictures

Chandipur Beach

Hide and seek beach in Odisha (Image:

At the edge of the Bay of Bengal, here the water plays a little hide-and-seek. This beach in Odisha is also called trailing beach because here the waves recede up to almost 5 km at low tide. This phenomenon is said to occur almost twice a day. The sunrise and sunset here are truly breathtaking.

Om Beach

The name has already let the cat out of the bag. This unique beach is among the popular tourist spots in Gokarana, Karnataka. It got its names due to its shape which spells out ‘om’ as written in the Devanagari script. It is also a kind of wellness beach because there are often people who practice yoga there. If you ever go to Gokarana, make a brief visit here and relax under the rising sun.

Bangaram Beach

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Glowing beach at Lakshadweep (Image: lakshadweep cruise tourism)

Offbeat Lakshadweep Beach, it is located close to Kavaratti and Agatti Islands. During the day, people can enjoy a nice refreshing walk on the sand with the water touching your feet, but at night the beach becomes magical. With what looks like pixie dust on the water, this beach sparkles at night. This magic can be attributed to phytoplankton floating freely in the ocean water. This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence. Night kayaking on Bangaram is one of the best ways to experience this magic for yourself.

Muzhapilangad Beach

Asia's largest beach reader (Image: Instagram - shreyas_gk)

Asia’s largest beach reader (Image: Instagram – shreyas_gk)

It is the longest beach in Asia. Yes, you read that right. This is where your road trip comes with waves splashing right next to it. This is a stretch of almost 5 km in Kannur, Kerala. A rather quirky place, it nevertheless remains untouched by commercialization. One can participate in water sports like paramotoring, parasailing and get the adrenaline pumping. Also, don’t miss the excellent seafood here.

Dumas Beach

There are haunted monuments, haunted houses but who ever heard of haunted beaches? Well, there is one on Gujarat. Dumas Beach has horror stories here waiting to be unraveled amidst its scenic beauty. According to the local traditions surrounding the beach, it is said that this beach was used as a burial ground resulting from its black sand. Additionally, the souls of the deceased are also believed to wander the sands at midnight. Apparently there have been reports of paranormal activity here. While the beach bustles with life during the day, it’s said that after dark it’s not a good idea for a solitary stroll.

Do ‘shore’ to visit these bizarre beaches at least once!

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