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New Live Series: Summer on the Farm

Summer has arrived and it’s time to leave the city streets and go to the countryside.

Of course, not everyone can take this trip, but the good news for anyone who craves open spaces and rural idylls is that Channel 5 is putting the country to good use with a new series of Live: Summer on the Farm.

Following the success of last year’s series, Helen Skelton once again presents a week of live action from Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire. However, this time around her usual co-anchor Jules Hudson couldn’t make it, but she has a very capable replacement in the form of Martin Hughes-Games.

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As a Springwatch veteran, he’s certainly ready for the demands of this seasonal live show.

Local heroes Rob and Dave Nicholson will also be on hand to show us around their farm and check out our favorite animals, but the series isn’t just about soaking up the atmosphere.

The team’s mission is to encourage the country to move away from expensive imports in favor of fresh local produce.

The importance of knowing where our food comes from – and making the most of the expertise of local producers – has been close to Helen’s heart for a long time.

Speaking ahead of a previous series, she said: “Obviously I grew up on a farm and have huge respect for farmers.

“But now I live on the outskirts of the city, and there is a huge disconnect between food producers and the rest of the country.

She added: “And it’s funny because I lived in France for a few years and it’s very different there.

“You go to the market and you ask the farmer what you should buy, and he tells you and you buy it because it’s the best at this time of year.

“We don’t do that here. Like we go to a supermarket and the guy behind the counter says, “You should eat that,” we’re telling them to mind their own business. I think that’s a shame.

If you don’t want to be told what to eat, there will be other non-food related challenges throughout the series, which are designed to help viewers embrace their local natural wonders, whether watching the stars or trying to save a river.

Although Cannon Hall Farm will be the base – and part of Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Vet team will pass – the week won’t be all about ‘God’s County’.

JB Gill is meeting local heroes across the UK, including roofers in Norfolk, cheese makers in Tottenham and sustainable crisp makers in Herefordshire.

There will also be appearances from Dr Amir Khan, who has advice on everything from the health benefits of watercress to hay fever remedies that actually work.

All of this, plus recipes, knife making, bird watching, dancing, kayaking, sheep shearing, lambing, hay baling and beekeeping – it’s going to be a great week. loaded.