Hiking Trails

New hiking trail planned for Hollywood Hills – NBC Los Angeles

A grant of nearly $ 1 million from the National Parks Service will be used to create a new hiking trail in the Hollywood Hills.

The trail will be near the John Anson Ford Theater on the east side of Highway 101 in the Cahuenga Pass.

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation plans to create the new trail through a naturally vegetated hill with stunning panoramic views in a 45-acre regional park that also houses the 1,200-seat outdoor amphitheater.

The $ 999,822 grant was one of 19 proposals in 13 states to develop or improve 15 parks and four trails to benefit underserved communities when it comes to parks and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

“With these grants, cities are able to provide equitable access to their parks and other outdoor recreation areas where there are none, or few, at present,” said the deputy director of the NPS, Shawn Benge. “Local parks, especially in urban areas, are a vital resource for economically disadvantaged communities. This grant program is available to all states and stimulates outdoor recreation opportunities in communities. ”

The Ford Theater Hiking Trail is one of three California projects on the list. The other two are in San Francisco and Santa Barbara.