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As of 03/17/2021, family / church visits with Mill Valley Care Center (MVCC) residents and Sunrise Villa Assisted Living (SVAL) tenants have resumed, as conditions / precautions allow it. The number of visitors to the building is limited and all visits must be scheduled in advance. On 4/22/2021, artists and volunteers were allowed to follow CDC guidelines and wear a mask; with almost daily updates from 07/12/2021. Please call / telephone before visiting, as conditions may change.

Thank you to all the families of residents and tenants for contacting Amy Neblung-Roth (Administrative Assistant), Joy Marchiando (Director of Activities) or Theresa Schwager (Supervisor of Environmental Services) for scheduling their visiting hours with their loved ones and following recommended guidelines for social distancing and mask wearing, when “connecting” with their families on weekdays and weekends.

Internal activities resumed and / or individualized or small group activities Activities are with residents and tenants and visits resumed, where possible, respecting appropriate social distancing, mask wearing and guidelines of the CDC.

Residents, tenants and their families are encouraged to communicate with loved ones during scheduled visits, or via phone calls and / or video chats; are available all day.

Individualized room visits or monthly visits are scheduled for Presbyterian Church service (with Pastor Shannon Witt) and for Lutheran Church service (with Pastor Paul Gammelin) resumed. Catholic church services (with Pastor Dennis Miller or Father David Ambrosy) resumed weekly on Wednesdays or on local Channel-32 cable for Catholics over the past week and on Sundays.

The Lutheran service on local cable Channel-26 was held for Lutherans on Sunday.

Individualized in-room or small-group “exercises” took place with residents last week.

Individual in-room “manicures” or “small groups” were held for MVCC residents and SVAL tenants last week, where possible.

Thanks to Ray & Doris Theisen for the musical entertainment for / with the SVAL tenants on Friday noon.

Thanks to volunteers Bea Hansen and Lois Kramer for organizing “Crafts with Bea” with the SVAL tenants and MVCC residents during Friday afternoon.

“Happy Hour with Dietary” was served with residents and tenants during the Friday afternoon.

Thanks to the volunteer Anita Pleiser for facilitating the “Manicures” with the tenants of the SVAL and the residents of the MVCC during the afternoon of Friday.

Thanks to Theresa Schwager (staff) for helping with the activities during the day on Friday.

“Games” were available with the tenants of the SVAL last weekend with the staff: Mary Jo Konrardy, Kayla Griebel and Brittany Knouse.

Thanks to volunteer Marlyce T. (tenant) for leading the Rosary prayers at SVAL for Catholics on Sundays.

“Coffee & Conversation” took place with tenants and residents in the morning of Sunday.

Thanks to the staff: Mary Jo Konrardy, Kayla Griebel or Brittany Knouse for hosting “Games” held with the tenants in their own rooms or at the SVAL dining tables Monday to Friday afternoon.

Thanks to Ray & Doris Theisen for the musical entertainment for / with SVAL tenants and MVCC residents during Sunday evening.

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Thanks to volunteer Jr. Steines for hosting Club Euchre at SVAL on Monday afternoon.

“Treats” were held for / with residents and tenants on Monday afternoon. This activity was followed by an “outdoor porch” in the shade.

“Outside Porch & Exercises” was available with residents by mid-morning Tuesday.

Thanks to volunteers Marlene Cloos, Pat Roling and Sophie Long for hosting bingo games with the SVAL tenants on Tuesday afternoon with Joy M. (staff) and helping with activities.

“Outside Porch / Nature – Bird Watching and Identifier and Listening to the Bird Songs” was available with residents on Tuesday afternoon.

“Music Box” aired on the stereo system throughout the day on Tuesday.

Thanks to the volunteer Father David Ambrosy (St. Joseph Catholic Church, Bellevue, Iowa) with Brother Stephen Markham (St. Joseph Catholic Church, Bellevue, Iowa) for organizing the Catholic Mass and Communion Service at SVAL, along with the volunteers Jr. & Laura Steines helping to recite the Rosary prayers for / with tenants on Wednesday mid-morning. Thanks to Father David Ambrosy for spending time (1: 1) with other tenants (at SVAL) and Thanks to volunteer Laura Steines for visiting the residents (at MVCC) mid-morning Wednesday with the volunteer Laurie Anderson and Joy M. (staff).

Thanks to volunteer Laurie Anderson for hosting “Outside Porch” with the residents on Wednesday.

Thanks to volunteer Laurie Anderson for hosting “Bingo” games and helping with “Ice Cream Refreshments” with the residents during the afternoon with Joy M. (staff) on Wednesday. Thanks to volunteers Wayne Jackson and Richard H. (volunteer / resident) for their help with the Wednesday activities.

Thanks to volunteer Laurie Anderson for helping with activities all day Wednesday.

“Reminiscing” took place with residents and tenants on Thursday afternoon with Joy M. (staff).

“Outside Porch, Bird Watching and Exercise” was available and took place early in the morning Thursday due to Thursday’s heat index for the day.

Thanks to the staff: Mary Jo Konrardy, and / or Kayla Griebel, and / or Brittany Knouse for organizing the “Games”, organized with the tenants of the SVAL during the last week.

Individualized “choice games” were available to residents / tenants Monday through Thursday.

We send our “Happy Birthday” wishes to residents Lois W. and Harold E. who celebrated their birthdays last week!

We welcome Nancy SC as a new resident arriving last week.

We send our “best wishes” to Ken H. as he was released last week.

Thank you to all the volunteers for being wonderful: Marian Vaughn for her donation of personal hand-sewn bags. Anonymous for their donation of matching greeting cards. Thanks to all the staff involved for their help with last week’s activities. Thank you all for their help and support with all of the “one-on-one” activities / events over the past week.