Bird Watching

Lake Superior Preserve Hosts Accessible Birding Event

SUPERIOR, WI – The Lake Superior Preserve hosted a free birding event this morning at the Barker Island Estuarium. The aim of the event was to make birdwatching accessible to people of all ages, knowledge and abilities. The tour was a short distance along wheelchair accessible trails and they also had wheelchair mounts for spotting scopes. This was an opportunity for participants to get a guided overview of some of the birds that visit the St. Louis River estuary during the fall migration season.

“Some of the things we were looking for is if a bird is flying, what are the really fast things that you can look for to even help determine generally what type of bird it is. Like how fast Did it go? Was it low? Was it high? Can you see colors? What was the shape of its beak? These observation habits are really fun to practice and they’re kind of a conscious thing too. and calming to focus on,” said Luciana Ranelli, Education Coordinator at the Lake Superior Preserve.

Unfortunately the wind kept some of the birds hidden, but there was plenty of knowledge of ducks and geese hanging out on the water. The Lake Superior Preserve has no other events planned yet, but hopes to have more soon.