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Jaipur tourist electrocuted on Colva beach but live wire not removed even 24 hours later

Jul 16, 2022 | 07:13 IST

Jaipur tourist electrocuted on Colva beach but live wire not removed even 24 hours later

Ugly truths reveal abject negligence in GTDC’s ‘beautification’ project

COLVA: In a bizarre incident, a tourist from Jaipur has died after being accidentally electrocuted on Colva beach on Thursday. The incident happened just behind the Colva Beach beautification project near the children’s park.

Witnesses said Uma Shankar Sharma, 40, had just returned from a swim in the sea and was sitting near the playpen when her leg accidentally touched a live wire. He died instantly.

Moreover, in an appalling amount of time, the live wire was not guarded or grounded even 24 hours after the death, when MP Benaulim Venzy Veigas conducted an inspection of the place late Friday evening.

Viegas expressed shock that electrical wires were still out in the open and not buried even after a tourist died. He pointed to the faulty ground near the pole that electrocuted the tourist.

“While talking to the Electricity Department and the Chief Engineer (CE) of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC), I found out that the GTDC has not yet handed over this area to the Electricity Department I also found that a contractor is doing maintenance on the electrical work, but clearly it is in bad shape, and even today someone could get hurt,” Viegas said. .

The incident sparked anger and dismay from locals, who called for the resignation of Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte. “If we want tourism to continue in Goa, we have to maintain everything properly. Khaunte went to Colva Beach in early July and said he would take care of everything, but look what happened! said Colva resident Salvador Vas. “Will the government compensate the family of the victim, who was probably a salaried member? He asked. Another Colva resident, Alex D’Souza, told reporters that live wires are seen out in the open in several places in the newly renovated Colva Beach Garden, posing a serious danger to families visiting. the picnic spot.

Veigas asked GTDC to investigate the incident. “The entrepreneur should be penalized and the government should also compensate the family of this tourist,” the MP added. “I have instructed the EC to send staff immediately, and to ensure that this problem is resolved by Saturday. I was at the Assembly and could not come earlier. I I raised this issue during zero hour but it will be raised on Monday,” Veigas told reporters. Admitting that Goa’s image as a world-class tourist destination has been tarnished by such accidents, Veigas demanded that GTDC authorities immediately inspect all beaches and other areas where they have carried out beautification work to see if there was such an electric charge leak.

Local activist Warren Alemao squarely blamed the incident on “the recklessness and negligence of the MP for Benaulim”.

“What happened to Venzy Viegas’ ‘Operation Disaster Management’?” Was it just for advertising? Did he follow him after his visit to Colva Beach? The issues with the beach infrastructure had been highlighted during the recent inspection, but no action had yet been taken,” Warren said.

He also pointed out that a fixture of a damaged street lamp almost hit a tourist recently and questioned whether the government is serious about addressing issues that pose danger to tourists.