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Jackson man travels US to raise money for Wyoming food bank

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – A U.S. Navy veteran and Jackson resident has spent the past two months hiking from Delaware to Wyoming. Its goal is to raise awareness and funds to support the Wyoming Food Bank.

“JJ therefore brought in enough food to provide food for over 9,000 meals for Wyoming residents facing hunger, which is a lot of meals when you consider the size of our state, but we are extremely grateful. for her support,” said Wyoming Food Bank Development Director Jill Stillwagon.

JJ King had planned to hike along the American Discovery Trail, but weather and other factors led him to create his own trail. He uses the trail as a general guide, but also uses Google Maps to help plan his route back to Cowboy State.

“I was thinking of trying to use as much ADT as possible but earlier in the hike there was a huge rain event…and so very early in the hike I had to deviate from the ADT . It was really the start for me to try to blaze my own trail,” King said.

Along the trail, he takes and sends photos and updates to the Food Bank of Wyoming, which shares his story on its website. He says the trek taught him American history that he would never have known otherwise.

“Some of the things I’ve seen on my journey outside of the ADT still present interesting things to see about our nation’s history. Interesting people, interesting cities, and still so much fun to discover. our country… It is difficult to summarize all this in a message to [the food bank]“, said the king.

When King tells people about his mission to raise money for FBW, he sends them to their web page to donate directly, so they know he doesn’t keep any of the money he raises.

“I want to give the donor 100% confidence that I’m not getting any money from this company,” King said.

According to King, people have been very interested in learning more about his fundraising and want to support his fight against hunger in their own homes and in Wyoming.

“I think it’s just a basic need, access to food, and it doesn’t matter which state it is and I think the need is there across the United States. That’s the impression I have of the short game I’ve had so far,” King said.

King says his trip went much faster than he originally planned. He is currently in Des Moines, Iowa, and expects to be in Nebraska by the end of this week. So far, he estimates he’s hiking just over 600 miles a month. He estimates that he averages between 25 and 26 miles a day.

He hopes to be in Cheyenne in late July or early August.

“Last winter, I had no idea I would walk from Delaware, Atlantic Ocean to Des Moines in two months,” King said.

King intends to write a book based on his travels across the United States, both from this trip and from previous trips. He plans to start writing this fall and has taken notes about the people he meets and the hidden history of the small towns he visits.

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