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Indiana Man Stole Ambulance And Drove It To Walmart

It’s like the Walmart version of a red light special. Where are my K-Mart employees?

Think about all the times you stop at Speedway for a drink at the fountain and see an unattended police car or ambulance while it is running. It never occurred to me that I could just jump in one of those emergency vehicles and take off. After seeing this story, it still does not occur to me. Because what?

Jason Wolf Thibeault, 48, of Valparaiso, Indiana, apparently disagrees. At around 9:30 p.m. last Tuesday, Thibeault allegedly jumped into an empty rescue vehicle that was parked at a Family Express gas station in Portage according to,

The man fled the scene in the ambulance heading west on US 6 and drove it to the Walmart parking lot at 6807 US 6 in Portage.

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The Porter County Sheriff’s Department was able to locate the stolen medical bus within ten minutes of the theft. They found the Tri-County ambulance in the Walmart parking lot on US 6.

With the help of witnesses, local law enforcement was able to locate and identify the man who they said stole the ambulance. They found him hanging out in a closed barbecue restaurant. He was subsequently arrested and charged with car theft.

None were injured and the ambulance was returned to Tri-County Ambulance Services unharmed. It is currently unknown why this man allegedly stole an ambulance and then left it at Walmart.

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