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Hospital’s Healing Field Project Receives Financial Boost

The North Lincoln Hospital Foundation recently received a $5,000 grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund to help support the creation of walking trails for Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital’s Healing Grounds Project.

“The hospital campus is in a wooded area by a lake, making it ideal for a peaceful and calming walk, which gave us the idea for the Healing Grounds project,” said Leslie James. , associate executive director of the NLHF. “When completed, there will be places for exercise, respite, rest and relaxation for patients, caregivers, healthcare workers and the general public.”

About the Healing Grounds Project

The project is already underway, with a heavy load of Samaritan staff and contractors removing tree stumps and invasive alien species and creating corrugated beds. Native forest plants will be transplanted where possible to blend local native habitat with newly planted areas. Siletz’s contribution will go towards plants, gravel and labor for the planting and completion of the trail.

“We plant native, hardy plants recommended by local nurseries and incorporate plants of cultural significance to indigenous peoples for future plantings,” James said. “They will be deer resistant and well suited to our coastal environment.”

The larger area of ​​the project includes the forest overlooking Devils Lake, with a gravel walking path and benches for people to rest and reflect. This trail will connect to the hospital’s existing walkways and sidewalks, creating a quarter-mile loop.

Another area is wild and will remain that way except for the hundreds of encroaching Scotch brooms that will be removed, providing views of the lake through red alders from patient rooms. An area near the hospital administration building will be landscaped with vine maples, rhododendrons, sword ferns and several other plants, along with landscaping, benches and picnic tables to provide a gathering place for patients, caregivers and employees.

For more information and to support this project, contact James at [email protected] or call 541-557-6434.

The Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital Auxiliary is another major contributor to the Healing Grounds project, donating $3,650 for the purchase of benches.