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Hikers rescued from ledge of closed Quarry Rock trail

Two young men called for help around 6:20 pm on September 2 when they got stuck in a “dangerous place” at the popular Deep Cove Trail viewpoint.

Two hikers on the closed Quarry Rock trail on Thursday learned a valuable lesson when they had to be rescued after slipping off the edge of the rock while trying to take a photo, leaving them stranded on a ledge.

David Dales, deputy chief of fire operations for the North Vancouver District Fire Department, said the two young men called for help around 6:20 p.m. on September 2, when they got stranded in a “dangerous place” from the viewpoint of the popular Deep Cove Trail.

“They were sort of trying to position themselves for a photo and then they slid over the ledge,” he said. “They slipped into this section [of the rock] it is impossible to go back to the top, on the closed section of Quarry Rock.

Dales said the duo made the situation worse for themselves by hesitating to call 911 for help.

“I don’t know their state of mind,” he said. “They weren’t making good decisions to get started and they just kept making bad decisions. They were stuck there for a long time – a few hours – and then they finally called 911 and our fire department responded.

“We had darkness coming and they were just in a really bad place.”

Dales said because of where the hikers were stuck, the crew had to perform a full technical rope rescue to get the men to safety.

“We actually have to put in lines and anchors and put firefighters in harnesses,” Dales explained. “Then we took a firefighter down to the two people who were stuck and a rescuer secured them and then brought them back up. “

The two men are not the first to have slipped from the rocky point of view. Dales noted that when the North Vancouver Trail was open, “we used to do these rescues all the time.”

“We train a lot there and it’s a simple rescue for us, but it’s a very dangerous place,” he said.

Both hikers escaped the slide unharmed, Dales said, but were unprepared for the dark. He wanted to remind the public that “if you find yourself in a place where your safety is in danger, immediately call 911”.

“The fire department will always respond,” Dales said.

Regarding the hike at Quarry Rock, he said the message was “pretty clear”.

“Quarry Rock is currently still closed and we encourage everyone to avoid closed areas,” he said.

Quarry Rock was initially closed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic because it was difficult to maintain physical distance due to overcrowding on the trail and on the lookout, said Justin Beddall, district communications coordinator from North Vancouver.

“More recently, we kept it closed due to major infrastructure work underway at Deep Cove,” said Beddall, including the Gallant Avenue storm sewer replacement project.

“Due to this construction, parking is limited, as well as considerable detours and traffic delays. “

While some hikers say they are doing nothing wrong by getting to the lookout by other routes on the Baden Powell Trail, Beddall said the district strongly advises against this behavior and that park rangers would be in favor of it. lookout for offenders.

“DNV park rangers continue to deny people attempting to access the Baden Powell Trail and Quarry Rock,” he said.

“Access to the lookout via other trails is strongly discouraged, and we ask people to respect the closure.”