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Have you seen this? A massive bear welcomes visitors to the national park

A massive brown bear greets visitors to Katmai National Park in Alaska (Evelone via YouTube)

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ALASKA – You’ve probably heard of Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. It is home to one of the largest populations of brown bears in the world, and the animals congregate at Brooks Falls to catch airborne salmon trying to swim upriver.

You can actually keep an eye out for local bears with the multiple webcams the National Park Service runs in the area.

But what would you do if one of Katmai’s brown bears approached you? This is what the tourists in this video had to understand.

To their credit, it looked like none of the people panicked. Instead, they did what modern humans do best…they grabbed their smartphones and immediately started filming the action.

For his part, the bear did not seem interested in the confrontation. It almost seems like he just wanted to make sure his handsome, rugged portrait was still on the sign at the trailhead.

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