Bird Watching

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Birdhouses offer several advantages in our yards. While most of the benefits are for the birds using them by providing a safe nesting area to lay eggs and raise young birds, there are other benefits of nest boxes that may not be so obvious.

Nest boxes protect birds from all types of weather and most predators; they create a small ecosystem in your garden and in turn the birds eat weed seeds and insects and pollinate certain plants. Birdhouses make great projects for families to do together and add beauty to backyards.

Some birds prefer to build their own nests on tree branches, in the open air and even under the eaves of our houses. There are many nest builders, such as American Robins, Swallows, Orioles, Great Horned Owls, Hawks, and Eagles. On the other hand, there are birds that may need a nesting box.

Birdhouses are great for birds that build nests from twigs, feathers, weeds, grasses and other materials that birds find outdoors, and they are excellent shelters for types of birds that are not nest builders. These types of birds look for holes or cavities in which to burrow. these cavity nesters use abandon holes in trees, hillside cliffs, and nest boxes. Some cavity nesters include woodpeckers, chickadees, eastern bluebirds, nuthatches, wrens, and some owls such as barred owls and screech owls.