National Park

Flash floods force national park closure

Damage was seen in Namtok Chat Trakan National Park in Chat Trakan District, Phitsanulok Province on Sunday after flash floods swept through the park area overnight. (Photo: Chinnawat Singha)

PHITSANULOK: Namtok Chat Trakan National Park in the Chat Trakan district of this north-central province has been temporarily closed following flash floods that swept through the park overnight.

The closure takes effect from 9:30 a.m. on Sunday until the situation returns to normal.

Heavy rains were reported in much of Chat Trakan and Nakhon Thai districts, starting early Saturday evening.

Downpours, supplemented by heavy storms, uprooted many trees and flash floods swept through the national park, whose Namtok Chat Trakan Waterfall is the main tourist attraction.

In Chat Trakan district, flash floods hit about 20 villages in Bo Phak, Chat Trakan and Tha Kae tambons.

In Nakhon Thai district, 24 villages in three tambons were flooded.

Ronnachai Jitwiset, the governor, ordered the disaster prevention and mitigation office to deploy flat-bottomed boats to flood-affected villages to help evacuate villagers, their animals and belongings to higher ground.

In neighboring Phetchabun province, about 10 villages in Tambon Sila and Tat Kloy in Lom Kao district were also affected by the overflows of the Pa Sak River.

Civil servants and volunteers have been mobilized and deployed to flood-affected villages for evacuation.