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End of Gasho Lake Fishing Festival – Journal

A FISHERIES official weighs a trout caught during the competition.—UK Department of Fisheries

GILGIT: A two-day fishing festival ended on Monday at Lake Gasho, Sai Bala.

A large number of locals and enthusiasts from different parts of the country took part in the competitions, with individuals using all their skills to catch the heaviest of all trout to secure their victory.

Traditional games such as basra (in which a player stands and moves on one leg and strikes the other with his body in an attempt to knock it to the ground), tug of war, and volleyball have were also organized during the festival.

Folk artists sang traditional songs and performed dances alongside games and fishing contests. The event was organized by the Fisheries Department of Gilgit-Baltistan in collaboration with the district administration.

“Lake Gasho is the closest tourist site to Gilgit town and the British government is trying to facilitate access for both domestic and foreign tourists,” Gilgit-Baltistan Information Minister Fathullah Khan said during a meeting. of the closing ceremony.

He expressed the hope that this tourist site will become the center of attraction for tourists. He said the government organizes such activities to promote the region’s cultural identity.

He said tourism activities in the Lake Gasho area will create employment opportunities for locals.

GB Scouts Director General Ziaur Rehman, NLI Center Commander Bunji, Agriculture Secretary Khadim Hussain Saleem, Information Secretary Momin Jan and a number of other officials attended the closing ceremony .

Posted in Dawn, July 26, 2022