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Don’t use your face to cross cobwebs. Try these tips instead.

You’re on an early morning hiking trail, the sun is shining and all is peaceful…until you come across a trap of a crawling enemy.

Spiders have been “trapping” hikers for, well, forever. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid this problem.

According to the National Park Service, you may not be able to avoid the web, but you can have other things or people clear the way for you.

  • Don’t use your face, use a cane. If you see a spider web, use the stick to clear it out of your way before moving on.

  • Invite a tall person to join you on your hike and have them walk in front of you. Although after several online encounters, you may need to offer words of encouragement or compliments, and look surprised.

    • You can also say something like “Wow, that never happens!” or “I’m sure that’s the only one we’ll see.”

  • Be lazy – sleep in. Hike after the early risers so they can deal with the cobwebs. Think smarter, not harder.

  • Dance it! Make the most of the little dance you can do as you walk through a web and try to get rid of it. Don’t scare anyone.

The NPS wants to remind hikers that spiders can and will weave or mend their webs in about 30-60 minutes. So keep that in mind in case you need to go back.

Also, be sure to bring the right gear and clothing. It’s hot over there. Good road!

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