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Discover the 10 largest lakes in the state of Iowa

Summer is a little over, but it’s not too late to bundle up and take in one of Iowa’s more than 65 lakes (take this Nebraska, with only 14 lakes). If you need a bucket list of vacation getaways for next year, we’ve got you covered. For those who still dream of getting out on the water, whether it’s fishing, boating, swimming or bird watching, bundle up and try your hand at some of the best fishing holes our state has to offer.

A site named “How many are thereindicates that there are more than 65 lakes in Iowa. Not a large number compared to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” north of Minnesota, but enough to feed your appetite for fun.

Did you know that out of these 65+ lakes, most (34) are man-made? It’s true. Just refer to our previous story on this for more information.

According Radio Iowaonly 34 of our lakes are of natural origin. The deepest natural lakes in the state are the system called the Iowa Great Lakes, surrounding the town of Okoboji.

Many of our lakes are deep enough and wide enough that you can have fun there, and we’ve listed the 10 largest.

The 10 Largest Lakes in Iowa

We mentioned that several of these lakes are ideal for bird watching. How about the Coralville Reservoir at Coralville Lake where pristine pelicans have been seen roaming around? Definitely a site to add to the landscape that can be seen below.

Pelicans at Coralville Reservoir migrating their way through Iowa

Iowa can see these beautiful creatures twice a year.