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Delhiites, you can now see Signature Bridge in a whole new light! | Delhi News

New Delhi: The ‘iconic’ Signature bridge lighting system has been upgraded to ensure its visibility from afar, even in foggy or other low visibility conditions.
The bridge in North Delhi, which was conceptualized in 2004 and finally opened to the public in November 2018, has a carefully selected shape that the Delhi government says is associated with the capital, similarly to Qutub Minar or India Spoiled. The project was executed by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC), a Delhi government company.
“We felt that the bridge’s lighting system should be upgraded to reflect its iconic stature,” a DTTDC official said, adding that the massive structure can now be seen more clearly from afar, even if there’s traffic. fog, haze or smog. .
A year ago, DTTDC installed “theme” lighting near the bridge that can feature thousands of different patterns and custom lighting for special occasions. The special lighting and the new lighting system focus not only on the main platform and the pylon of the bridge, but also on its cables and the access ways.
“The lighting system used on the bridge is similar to those used in other iconic structures in cities around the world,” the official said.
Apart from being an important link between North East Delhi and the rest of the city, the Signature Bridge was also designed as a tourist spot by the Delhi government. From day one of its opening, the bridge has been popular with people stopping their vehicles to take selfies. DTTDC has created designated “selfie points” in a small enclosed area so people can take photos safely and without disrupting traffic on the bridge.
However, the wait for those who have been looking forward to a 360 degree view of Delhi from the observatory deck at the top of the bridge doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Two inclined elevators and two vertical elevators facilitate access to the four-story spectator gallery. The inclined or oblique elevators are the first of their kind in the country, which is why DTTDC has not been able to get a safety green light so far.