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Dallas bald eagles find new nest in White Rock Lake

Texas Parks and Wildlife told the WFAA that bald eagles have taken over an abandoned hawk’s nest not far from their old one, which was destroyed by the wind in February.

DALLAS — The two bald eagles at White Rock Lake have a new nest.

North Texans flocked to the northeast corner of the lake on Friday, hoping to spot the two eagles.

“It’s exciting because we can see it from here, which is right in our neighborhood,” Eliot Shavin said.

Brexton Collins came to White Rock Lake on Friday with his friend, Steve Chapman.

“You can see their heads bobbing up and down,” Collins, who was watching the eagles on the Dallas Academy Live Stream, noted. “So we were like, we have to come here and see this!”

Texas Parks and Wildlife told the WFAA that the bald eagles had taken over an abandoned hawk’s nest not far from their old nest, which was closer to Buckner Blvd. and destroyed by the wind two weeks ago.

“The falcons have put a lot of time and energy into building their nest and they are leaving. And then the eagles see that foundation of a nest, so they’re going to start building on it,” said DFW Urban Wildlife biologist Sam Kieschnick.

The first nest was based on dead limbs, Kieschnick said. While the new one is sitting on “relatively weak branches”, the tree itself is alive, he added.

“We believe this is a young pair of eagles and this is their first nesting experience. And as it goes with us, we all learn from our failures and our mistakes. So we learn from these things and I think the eagles did too,” Kieschnick said.

Observing and tracking eagles has created a tight-knit community of birdwatchers.

“Even though it was heartbreaking that the first nest fell (and) there was an egg in the nest that didn’t survive – it was very traumatic for everyone – but the eagles didn’t give up and the nature is resilient. And that’s something to be celebrated,” said Kieschnick.