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Contact Creek Fire in Katmai National Park and Preserve on 1,500 acres is monitored by air – Alaska Wildland Fire Information

House Active forest fire Contact Creek Fire in Katmai National Park and Preserve on 1,500 acres is monitored by air

The Contact Creek Fire (#151), burning 40 miles southeast of King Salmon, continues to be monitored by National Park Service and DOF personnel as it burns in a limited management area of ​​the National Park and Preserve from Katmai. The fire is currently estimated at 1,500 acres and will continue to grow due to lack of rain and the availability of sun-dried fuels. However, National Park Service fire managers said even a small amount of rain would help stop the fires from growing, as deep tundra still retains winter moisture. At the time of aerial observation, the fire had an active perimeter of 100% with an east wind. It burns in about the top three inches of vegetation where conditions have dried out and is considered a “shallow burn”.

The fire burns twenty miles from the nearest native settlement. Crews finished wrapping a remote automated weather system (RAWS) located approximately 1.5 miles from the fire in a protective envelope to reduce the impacts of the fire should it reach the weather system.

Map of the Contact Creek Fire relative to King Salmon, Alaska.

Aerial view of the Contact Creek Fire burning in a limited protection area of ​​Katmai National Park and Preserve. Video credit: National Park Service

Residents of Southwest Alaska may see smoke in the King Salmon area from this fire.

Regular aerial surveillance will take place and updates will be added to the top of this article as new details or images become available.

The Forestry Division works closely with federal, state, and local emergency response agencies as well as private industry vendors to provide wildfire management and protection for the State of l ‘Alaska.

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