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Centennial trees in Balochistan are threatened by cold which intensifies deforestation


With the drop in temperatures and freezing cold, tree cutting has gained momentum in Balochistan province without any other fuel source, as the illegal cutting of ancient trees in various regions damaged the ecosystem of the region. province.

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – November 17, 2021): With the temperature dropping in a frigid climate, tree cutting has gained momentum in Balochistan province without any other fuel source because the illegal cutting of old trees in various parts was damaging the ecosystem of the province.

There was an urgent need for the attention of the affected neighborhoods to stop this environmentally damaging practice and preserve the already declining green cover in the province.

During the winter season in Balochistan, residents cut centuries-old trees for firewood, including junipers, palos and olive trees which were among the rare and endangered plant species, social activist Khalil Baloch told APP.

Locals in search of firewood kept cutting down trees because there was no other source of fuel to cook food or keep their homes warm to cope with the frost, Khalil said.

He said sui gas would be a cheaper option, but gas supply was never extended to most parts of the province.

“The trucks loaded with wood are also transported to other parts of the province to be sold. The forestry department has given carte blanche to cut trees by collecting the forestry tax,” he regretted.

The head of the forestry department said people in the area had no alternative resource to deal with this serious problem.

He said the ministry would take steps to control unhindered cutting of trees to help restore the province’s ecosystem.

Ziarat Forest was a popular tourist spot because its juniper forest was the second largest of its kind in the world, but is now fighting to maintain that reputation, said environmentalist Sanaullah Nasar.

Sanaullah said no concentrated effort was being made to preserve plants and tree cover.

Quick and practical measures should be adopted by the provincial government to protect alien species and keep the environment green, he added.

Sanaullah said gas shortage and low pressure in winter was a persistent problem where piped gas was available in limited areas of the province.

He said the provincial government should introduce environmentally friendly electric stoves to reduce pressure on forests during the winter season.

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