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Cedar Point Award Contract for Park Pier, Performs First Reduction in Request for State Grant for Kayak Launch | New


CEDAR STITCH – The Town of Cedar Point has awarded a $ 89,000 contract to Bobby Cahoon Marine Construction of Grantsboro to construct a new wharf to replace a dilapidated structure at Boathouse Creek Walking Trails Park.

City manager David Rief, during his monthly report to commissioners at their Tuesday meeting at city hall, said an anonymous unsolicited donation of $ 140,000 would cover the work.

“We already have the permit from the Coastal Zone Management Act (NC Division of Coastal Management), and (Bobby Cahoon) is ready to start on the wharf as soon as he completes another project,” Mr. Rief. “It will take three to four weeks to complete, so we hope he will be ready for a ribbon cutting in early July.

The city will not need to close the park for the works, he added.

The remaining approximately $ 50,000 from the donation will allow the city to install picnic tables, benches and swings in the 56-acre natural area along the White Oak Creek and River at the end of the Masonic Avenue, said Mr. Rief.

Mr Rief said there might also be enough money to do another much needed project in the park, the restrooms. He is working on designs and will get estimates for the board to consider.

The donors, a couple moving to town, do not want recognition and have approached the town through Clerk Jayne Calhoun. Mr Rief said on Tuesday they agreed to use the excess money from the jetty project for other park amenities.

Finally, he told council that the city made the first cut in the competition for a DCM grant of $ 80,000 to install a kayak launch pad that complies with the U.S. Disability Act near the pier. The city is expected to provide a consideration of $ 20,000 and should know the fate of the grant application by November and be able to award a construction contract by January.

“You really make it look like it’s easy, but I know it’s not,” said Mayor Scott Hatley of efforts to improve the park. “We appreciate the work you do.”

The pier, according to Mr. Rief, will also be ADA compliant. It will be 6 feet wide and 200 feet long – the same length as the existing pier – with a platform 16 feet by 21 feet at the end, covered with a light gray metal roof that will deflect heat. There will be a bench on the platform, as well as a picnic table.

The city has a new jetty in mind since buying the land in 2019, paid for mostly with the proceeds of a successful $ 2.5 million bond referendum the year before.

The park is heavily wooded and crisscrossed with hiking trails along and towards the creek and river. It opened in November 2019.

Most of the park is to remain in its natural state, and a conservation easement will determine where amenities go. So far, it appears the city can use around 7.3 acres for improvements under an ongoing deal with the NC Land and Water Trust Fund, which has given the city a $ 1million grant. dollars to help pay for the purchase of the land.

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