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CASEY: Readers write about railways in the Roanoke area | Local News

He is right; the fall spring shown on a trail map I viewed is the community rather than the waterfall, which is several miles east of the trail.

Bowen noted that the best access to Falling Spring waterfall is the view of the United States 220 miles north of Covington. Incidentally, he added, its water is warm, like many famous geothermal sources in Bath County.

Michael rock of Blue Ridge has a special connection with the Jackson River Scenic Trail. His maternal grandfather, GL Hayth Sr., who lived in the Springwood area of ​​Botetourt County, was an engineer on the train that ran from Covington to Hot Springs.

“I remember an occasion to get on this train with my grandfather around the age of 8, around 1963,” he wrote. “We started at Clifton Forge, we went to Covington where he did something I’ll never forget. He slipped me into the engine to ride with him. Wow! What an adventure for an 8 year old child.

“I was able to see the beautiful scenery from the engine cabin. I still remember the people along the way coming out of the houses to greet the train. When we got to Hot Springs the train stopped [The Homestead], just across Route 220, to unload passengers. This area is now a street and a small business district in Hot Springs.

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“On the way home, I got back in a Pullman car to sit down with my grandmother… What a great adventure. Maybe I could take the Jackson River Scenic Trail to cycle on the same rail I took in my youth and relive some of the memories.