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Breathtaking moment avalanche rushes towards tourists during trek in Kyrgyzstan

The tourists were in the Tian Shen Mountains in Kyrgyzstan where the avalanche hit.

A group of British and American tourists survived an avalanche in the Tian Shen Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. Snow swept over them, according to footage of the incident posted on social media by one of the tourists. The avalanche was caused by a glacier that collapsed on top of the mountain where they were hiking. The group included nine British tourists and one American, according to The Guardian. All of the tourists survived the avalanche, but one woman cut her knee and was taken on horseback to the nearest hospital.

Footage of the ice avalanche hurtling towards the group was captured by Harry Shimmin, one of the tourists who escaped the guided tour to take photos.

“While I was taking pictures I heard the sound of deep ice cracking behind me. I knew the rest of the group was farther from the avalanche so it should be fine,” he said. declared on Instagram by posting the video of the avalanche.

The tourist said he had been there for a few minutes “so I knew there was a place to take shelter right next to me”.

He said that if the group had walked five minutes further on the trek, “we would all be dead”.

“Once it was over, the adrenaline rush hit me hard. I was only covered in light powder, without a scratch. I was dizzy,” Mr Shimmins added.

After surviving the incident, the whole group was laughing and crying, Mr Shimmins said, adding: “It wasn’t until later that we realized how lucky we had been.”

The video, uploaded just a day ago, has been viewed more than 1,86,000 times. It was still posted on Reddit where the video received over 88,000 votes.