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Block your calendars for the next Tamara Carnival

Make time for Tamara Carnival, a unique 10-day gala in Coorg and Kodaikanal filled with music, culture and cuisines. By Bayar Jain

Like clockwork, the holiday season is upon us. The air is filled with infectious excitement, the days are filled with merriment, and celebrations throng to every nook and cranny. And ready to make those happy days even happier, Tamara’s Carnival.

From October 25, The Tamara Coorg and The Tamara Kodai will kick off this 10-day gala event and feature a host of experiences for guests to enjoy.

be one with nature

The festival will see the meeting of music, culture and cuisine. Nature-inspired experiences will help make celebrations more memorable. Think stargazing against a shimmering night sky, sipping a poolside sunset, guided birding sessions, or even sitting in silence next to gushing waterfalls.

groove in music

Mansa Panday

The Tamara Carnival will also see a host of exhilarating musical performances. Groove to the beats of Grammy-winning music composer Ricky Kej, Instagram sensation Mansa, Sehar, Ravi & Zaii Hauchuum, Indic-Radha, Swaha and more.

savor global flavors

global flavors

At The Tamara Coorg, treat yourself to a coffee paired with local delicacies at Thattu Kadai. At Tamara Kodai’s Kodai Potti Kadai, save space for international cuisines such as Spanish, Mexican, Japanese and Thai specialties. The Tamara Carnival will also host chocolate petit fours sessions, meals cooked with an expert chef and themed dinners.

enjoy “me time”

Poolside drinks

To help you relax, the festival will also offer rejuvenating spa treatments. While you dive into refreshing therapies, toddlers can enjoy the Fun & Frolic Kids Workshop. In short, there’s something for everyone !

Important details

Ricky Kej

Appointment: October 25 to November 3
Location: Tamara Coorg, Tamara Kodai
For reservations, click here.

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