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Beyond books: Libraries lend binoculars to bird watchers –

KEENE VALLEY & SARANAC LAKE, NY – Are you interested in bird watching but not sure where to start? Starting this summer, the Keene Valley Public Library and Saranac Lake Free Library are lending backpacks full of binoculars and field guides to give people a chance to try birding.

The backpacks are part of the Adirondack Land Trust’s “Adirondack Birding for All” program, which works with libraries to increase awareness and appreciation of Adirondack birds and their habitats.

“Birds are such an important aspect of our natural history,” said Derek Rogers, stewardship manager at the Adirondack Land Trust, which helped launch the program. “I’ve been an avid birdwatcher for 20 years and one sentiment I hear regularly is, ‘I’d like to try birdwatching, but I don’t have binoculars.’ It’s exciting to break down that barrier, so everyone can experience the joy of birdwatching.

June 2021 birding trip to Coon Mountain Preserve led by Derek Rogers.

The backpacks include high quality Vortex HD binoculars, the Sibley’s Guide to the Birds of Eastern North America, Birdwatching in the Adirondacks – 60 Great Places to Find Birds in the Adirondacksand useful information on the use of binoculars.

Adirondack Birding for All was made possible by a grant from the Joseph & Joan Cullman Conservation Foundation program of Northern New York Audubon.

For more information, visit the Keene Valley Public Library or Saranac Lake Free Library, or contact [email protected](518) 576-2400.

All photos courtesy of Adirondack Land Trust.