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Which Danner hiking shoes are the best?

Since the 1930s, Danner has been making some of the most durable, highest quality boots available. A favorite among long-distance backpackers and casual hikers, Danner hiking boots are a staple in the world of outdoor clothing.

While Danner hiking boots aren’t necessarily the most budget-friendly, their durable craftsmanship and comfortable fit make them an ideal hiking companion. The Danner Mountain Light boots are one of the best selling models due to their rugged durability and support over rough terrain.

What to know before buying Danner hiking shoes


Danner hiking shoe styles vary depending on the type of hiking and the terrain they are intended for. Backpackers and long-distance hikers will appreciate the rugged protection and ankle support of the sturdier models, while day hikers or light hikers will likely benefit from a lighter, more flexible model.


Danner boots should fit like other hiking shoes, providing an overall fit without feeling too tight in any specific area. You also don’t want your Danner boot to be too loose, as this could cause blisters due to excessive chafing or slipping while you walk. For many Danner styles, the fit is true to size. However, some users end up going down a half or full size for some of the classic leather models.

Break-in period

Danner’s newer lightweight hiking boots won’t require as much of a break-in period, as they’re generally made from softer, more flexible materials. Full-grain leather boots, such as the Mountain Light model, will require a much longer break-in period in order to soften, stretch, and adapt to your specific foot shape.

What to Look for in a Quality Pair of Danner Hiking Boots


Danner boots are designed for comfort on the trails. The best Danner hiking boots will come equipped with features like shock absorbing heels, cushioned insoles, EVA midsoles, fiberglass uppers, thick outsoles and breathable interiors to help prevent the accumulation of perspiration.


Danner has always focused on using high quality materials in the construction of their boots. Depending on your preference, you can find Danner hiking boots that feature full-grain leather uppers, suede uppers, or a combination of leather and tough nylon. These materials help create a classic appeal that can be worn both outdoors and in casual settings.


The outsole will provide stability, traction and help absorb hard impacts. There are several different options when it comes to Danner hiking shoe soles, but all provide reliable grip even on smooth or wet surfaces. Whether it’s an adaptive Vibram lug sole or Danner Waffle rubber outsole, you can count on support and traction over varied terrain.

Waterproof lining

Having a waterproof hiking shoe will help keep your feet dry and healthy when you take on long hikes, cross streams, or hike in the rain. When choosing a Danner hiking boot, look for a model with a GORE-TEX or Danner Dry lining, which will keep water out while allowing your feet to breathe.

If you prefer a non-waterproof boot, there are a few Danner models that use a mesh liner to increase breathability.


When trying to conquer steep and difficult terrain, a heavy boot can sometimes weigh you down. Some of Danner’s more classic styles may be slightly heavier than hikers are used to, but they more than make up for it with superior protection and durability.

If weight is an issue, models like the Mountain 600 or many of Danner’s low cut options offer a lightweight design without sacrificing quality.

How much you can expect to spend on Danner hiking boots

You can expect to pay between $140 and $390 for a pair of Danner hiking boots. Lightweight models tend to be less expensive than more robust full-grain leather boots.

Danner Hiking Boots FAQ

Do Danner boots have a warranty?

A. Every pair of Danner hiking boots comes with a one year warranty. This will cover any faults, manufacturing issues or issues with the waterproof liners. Besides warranty, Danner also offers remanufacturing services on select boots that use sewn-in construction.

How should I break in my new Danner boots?

A. The best way to break Danner hiking boots is to simply wear them at home for several days before attempting a hike. This will allow the leather to mold to your foot, minimizing the chance of blisters and hot spots when you’re out on the trail.

What is the best Danner hiking shoe to buy?

Top Danner Hiking Boot

Danner Mountain Light Boots

What do you want to know: An extremely durable hiking shoe that will last for years.

What you will love: The full-grain leather upper has a retro look but updated sporty features, like a waterproof GORE-TEX lining to keep your feet dry mile after mile. Hikers will also appreciate the engineered Vibram Kletterlift sole and fiberglass upper for added support.

What you should consider: These boots will take some time to fully break in.

Or buy: Amazon and hinterland

Best Danner hiking shoe for the money

Danner Mountain 600 Boot

Danner Mountain 600 Boot

What do you want to know: These hiking boots are perfect for those looking for durable waterproof protection without the added weight.

What you will love: The adaptive Vibram Fuga sole grips wet and dry surfaces with ease, while the cushioned Ortholite sockliner keeps your feet comfortable on long hikes. The Mountain 600 is available in a number of materials and colors.

What you should consider: These boots might not last as long as other Danner models.

Or buy: Amazon and hinterland

Worth checking out

Danner Jag Hiking Boot

Danner Jag Hiking Boot

What do you want to know: A great crossover option for those looking for versatility.

What you will love: The Danner Dry liner provides reliable protection against the elements, and the combination of abrasion-resistant leather and nylon creates a unique contrast. With a short break-in period and a sneaker-like fit, you can be on the trail in no time.

What you should consider: Not the best option for hikers with wide feet.

Or buy: Amazon and hinterland

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