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Bad Roads: Kodagu CM Seniors Petition

Mysore/Mysore: Elderly people of Ammathi in Kodagu have written to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai urging him to take urgent action to repair roads in the kodagu neighborhood that has gone from bad to worse.

They expressed concern that the majority of the main thoroughfares and roads connecting various parts of Kodagu have deteriorated and have not seen repairs and even basic patchwork for many years. Being a tourist spot in Karnataka that earns the government millions of rupees from coffee and spices, bad roads are a stain on the district, they said.

Not only the arteries, the main roads – State Highway – connecting Dakshina Kannada to Mysuru via Kodagu and also major cities of Kerala with Mysuru to Kodagu are in poor condition with craters right in the middle of the roads posing a nightmare for motorists. These roads are usually very busy and have become unfit for traffic.

The petition on behalf of the elderly was written by Reader SOM KC Biddappa, Senior Vice President (Retired), ITC Limited, who regularly travels to Kodagu. It appears that the local lawmakers have abdicated their responsibility and are completely oblivious to the hardships of the unfortunate travelers in Kodagu district, the petition states.

It is a sad situation where local bodies like PWD, ZP, Taluk Panchayat, Municipality, Town Panchayat, local MPs and MLCs have become silent spectators of the mess. Although a handful of road works are underway in the district, most of the roads are neglected and even if the roads are repaired and restored, their condition will worsen in just six months, the petition states.

Frequently traveling on such bad pothole-filled roads is an open invitation to spondyloarthritis and slippery disc problems. Several motorcyclists have fallen from vehicles while negotiating crater-shaped potholes and four-wheeled vehicles frequently land in workshops due to repairs. Rickshaws and cars were damaged while crossing busy sections, the petition says.

The petition asked the CM to take a drive to any remote part of Kerala or Tamil Nadu where it is pleasant to drive even in rural areas. Not that the politicians and officials of these states are paragons of virtue, but they pride themselves on providing decent motorable roads for their citizens.

Karnataka rightly claims to be a national leader in IT, digital technology, education and other sectors but it is disgraceful and disgraceful that our government has failed in its constitutional responsibility to provide basic facilities to its citizens of Kodagu with reasonably maintained motorable roads, the petition read.