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Actress Malavika Mohanan’s date with Portugal | Celebrity trip

Actress Malavika Mohanan is on fire in a new series of photographs taken in Portugal, a European country with some of the best beaches in the world. Malavika provides insight into her travel escapades by periodically posting stunning photos from her vacation on social media. And now the actress, in search of “endless sky and endless sea”, had shared eye-catching snaps of Portugal, where she is enjoying her vacation.

The actress looks just stunning in a crop top and shorts in a photo taken against the backdrop of misty mountains. She also posted photos taken near the beach. The striking images uploaded to Instagram were all taken in Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal.

Madeira is an archipelago located in the region of Macaronesia, 400 km north of the Canary Islands and 520 km west of Morocco, in the Atlantic Ocean. It should be noted that Madeira is an integral part of the European Union. According to 2017 statistics, nearly 14 lakhs of tourists visit Madeira each year, five times its population.

The tourism industry plays a central role in supporting Madeira’s economy, as the sector contributes 20 percent of total income. In addition, the tourism industry supports trade, transportation and other related sectors, and also provides a year-round market for traditional and local products.

The island of Porto Santo with a pristine 9 km long beach and a pleasant climate is the main tourist site and travelers from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries and Portugal flock to the island for a good time. Whale and dolphin watching is popular among tourists visiting Porto Santo Island.