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A short but beautiful waterfall trail in Unicoi Tennessee

Our state is filled with beautiful mountains and magnificent waterfalls. We could spend our lives exploring all the natural wonders you can find in each of our incredible forests. Tennessee is breathtaking, to say the least, and we love exploring every inch of it. Sometimes you stumble upon hidden gems that just add to the adventure. Finding something few people know about is always exciting. We found that to be true about this amazing waterfall trail in Unicoi, Tennessee.

It’s a short, gentle trail that will take you to three waterfalls. There is beauty to be seen but this hike can be steep and dangerous. The rocks are slippery and the trail is steep. Take it easy and enjoy this hidden waterfall trail in Unicoi, Tennessee, nestled in the Cherokee National Forest. Watch this video from Adventuring in the Moment to witness the surreal beauty but also the twisting adventure that can be experienced on this trail.

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Address: Red Fork Falls, Unicoi, TN 37692, USA