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A local hiker says he was charged by a moose

POCATELLO (KPVI) — A local hiker who was charged by a moose on the Gibson Jack Trail south of Pocatello talks about the ordeal.

Cord McCurdy spoke to KPVI. He told the station that he walks Gibson Jack with his family all the time and was there last Wednesday with his dog.

McCurdy says he was making noise as they walked up the trail and he didn’t even know a moose was there until it was already on top of him.

He heard a branch snap and looked over his shoulder. It was then that he saw a glimpse of the moose with its head down and ears back moving very quickly towards him.

“I knew I had to get down fast so I jumped off the track and got into a fetal position, protected my head and stuff and luckily I think that helped my head where I just had a pretty good cut,” McCurdy says. “She went on a couple of times and kind of stomped on my legs and that’s actually the kind of thing that hurt me the most.”

McCurdy was injured in the head and legs, but was able to get out safely. He posted about the incident on social media to raise awareness about the moose that is there.

He says that won’t stop him from hitting the trails, but he’ll most likely take pepper spray with him now.

Although conflicts with moose are generally rare, they can be defensive if startled, especially when the cows have calves in the spring. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings when recreating outdoors.