Bird Watching

A domestic cat takes out a flying owl

Holy smokes, that’s a big target for a little house cat

Usually cats only look for prey much smaller than themselves. Owls are generally a large bird, this one is quite a large species. He’s the one who probably feeds a little on cats himself.

So, maybe his revenge?

Either way, it’s a cat-eat-bird, bird-eat-cat world out there.

Birds, especially small songbirds, have it tough when it comes to house cats. In North America, they alone are responsible for millions of deaths each year, one of the biggest killers of birds in North America.

However, birds of prey love pets. They are easy targets that often have little or no defense when taken by surprise and are often out in the open.

This owl had a target in mind, it was actually a rabbit that the cat killed just before the owl appeared and decided to try to take it. Yes, this cat is a real killer.

The owl swoops in and the cat doesn’t miss a beat as it jumps up and takes the owl straight to the ground.

The bird on the ground kicks and fights in defense as it tries to regain its footing. The cat continues to attack as its owner screams from the step watching the whole incident unfold.

It’s crazy, upside down stuff here. Usually, the owl comes out on top with every interaction. But, it seems like a badass kitty.

The owl is said to be fine after the fight, even after the beatings he took.

“Our cat had grabbed a rabbit that an owl had also decided it wanted. When the owl ran towards the rabbit, our cat jumped up and shot it while it was diving.

Incidentally… the owl was fine and the bunny ran away while all the commotion continued.

The owl lives, the rabbit lives…these animals are tough.