Take over loan

If you have taken out a number of credits or used credit cards due to unexpected costs, which makes the monthly burden too heavy in your personal finances, you can opt for the combination of all these credits so that you only have to take into account one monthly charge that your personal balances expenses. The advantage is that the monthly burden will be lower as the loan is spread over a longer term.

Multiple credits in circulation?

Regrouping Loans

Save up to 50% on the amount of your monthly payment. Taking over loans is a specialty. Repay loan early? Make use of the options below.

Merge your existing loans . Taking over a mortgage loan. Do you want to pay off less per month with a refinancing? Do you want to have money left over again at the end of the month? Do you want to get rid of the different installments per month? Regrouping credits is then a solution. You can easily pay off a loan earlier by taking over a loan .

Regrouping, merging, refinancing, transferring a mortgage loan or centralizing long-term loans in 1 loan reduces your monthly payment. Thanks to our guaranteed low interest rate, the sum of your new credit can be more advantageous. The profit can sometimes vary between 10% and 50% in your favor. Do take the costs into account. When paying off the loan early, you owe the bank a reinvestment fee.

Find out if a credit takeover - repaying loan early - can reduce your monthly payments!

Refinance loan

Loan centralization is making your monthly debt burden affordable.

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  • Bundling credits
  • Loans takeover
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