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8 deer in Nara Park in Japan “lepak” together, but still practiced social distancing in the parking lot


Japan – A parking lot in Nara Park recently had unusual tenants. Instead of vehicles, around eight deer were seen relaxing in the area.

A Steve Eto took to Twitter September 6 to share the photo, which went viral.

Photo: Twitter screenshot / Steve Eto

Nara Park is a popular tourist spot filled with friendly deer used to being fed by visitors.

Photo: taken in December 2019

However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the lack of tourists have forced deer to venture out of the park in search of food.

It then became a community affair to feed the deer and make sure they stay healthy.

According to the original poster, seeing deer in the area was a common sight; however, their choice of resting place was worth a photo.

Note that deer are quite large, with a couple occupying more than half the width of a parking space.

The tweet, which has over 195,000 likes and 37,000 retweets, drew witty responses from the online community.

“Don’t go and leave school on a deer – a school rule in some schools in Nara,” one netizen joked.

A previous Nara Park post on Instagram highlighted deer practicing social responsibility and keeping a safe distance from each other.

Photo: Instagram screenshot / naratourism_official

Watch the deer bow its head in appreciation for food. / TISG

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