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Comparing affordable credit cards

With a credit card you always have a safe, easy and affordable means of payment with you.

What are payment cards such as debit, credit and prepaid credit cards? The most widespread payment card is the classic debit card. With a debit card, the money is withdrawn from your account immediately after your transaction. A prepaid credit card works in the same way and is actually also a debit card.

With a credit card you get a deferment of payment, often linked to a bank and a deferment of payment for 1 month. There are often more options with a credit card than with a debit card. Both at home and abroad you can use it to get money out of the wall, often larger amounts than with your regular debit card. Ordering tickets for concerts, booking your flight online or at the travel agency, paying for purchases in shops and via the Internet. Especially making purchases via the Internet, by fax or telephone is much faster if you can use a credit card instead of a traditional bank transfer. Would you like the option of spreading payment? Then you are looking for a credit card with a credit facility that of course also offers you all these options.

Many people are looking for a free credit card? But a free credit card in the literal sense of the word does not exist. With credit cards with a credit opening (Revolving Credit) you will always have to pay interest on capital that is outstanding for longer than a predetermined period.

Having said the above, free credit card in terms of: no annual contribution, no monthly fixed costs and no transaction costs in your own currency does exist!
This free credit card in question is actually a free prepaid credit card. Recharge of this prepaid credit card via bank transfer is also free. In addition, you will also receive a free Virtual credit card.

Most credit cards, often linked to a bank, only allow you to defer payment for 1 month.
These are credit cards that give you a free deferment of payment. Other types of credit or credit cards are the cards associated with a credit line. These credit lines can range from $ 500 to $ 10,000.

On these pages you will get an overview of the types of credit cards and their options.

  • Alternative prepaid credit card
    Some prepaid credit cards can be pricey. Prepaid credit cards are in any case more expensive to use than traditional credit cards. But if you qualify for a Classic Visa card with ...
  • VISA card with cash reserve
    This VISA card is a real credit card in the form of a credit opening. This credit facility is for an indefinite period. This VISA credit card can be linked to your existing current account. You ...
  • Visa cash reserve - Visa card
    You have a deferment of payment if you pay with a Visa credit card. Paying with a Visa credit card gives you an average of 3 weeks of free credit. That means 0% interest on a ...
  • Prepaid credit card
    Prepaid credit cards can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a prepaid credit card is useful for anyone who is against credit cards on principle but still wants the benefits of a credit card ...
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Comparing affordable Visa cards

Overview of popular VISA credit cards. These VISA cards can be connected to your existing bank account. No matter which bank you are a customer of, these credit card issuers do not impose any obligation on which bank account you link your VISA card to.

Possibility to pay in installments. In this VISA card comparison you will find cards that allow you to pay off your outstanding balance. This way you can spread your repayments according to your needs. If you pay cash at the end of the month, you do not pay interest on these Visa cards. You only pay interest on a monthly basis when you use the available credit.

The Visa credit card with all its advantages

  • Exclusive tools to prevent misuse of your Visa credit card.
  • You check your Visa credit card account online, 24 hours a day.
  • Also available by phone during the weekend.
  • Spreading the payment of your credit. Life is made easy for you with the Visa credit card.
  • Do you need money right away? You can withdraw it from your Visa credit card or request money via the website.
  • A setback happened quickly. But this Visa credit card with free insurance will help you out quickly.
  • All these benefits for just $ 5 a year !